About Us

Bruce Hanson


Bruce is the actual owner of the cottage. He is the one with the most to loose when our plans go awry. Bruce has been an avid cottager for his entire life. His parents used to own a cottage in Manitoba. This is where Bruce learned such important skills as mixing cement and maintaining a well stocked beer fridge.

Bruce has also won awards for his fiction. Add some suspense and intrigue to your life, or brighten your favourite child's day with imaginative children's poem and stories.

Check out his web site www.bruceahanson.com. He'll see you there.

Bruce is also an avid misic fan. He loves to get out to the smaller venues in downtown toronto to see the smaller indie artists. His tastes tend to lean towoard folk, blues, swing, country, east coast, and some jazz. You should visit his other website Small Town Toronto. Your source for the best of Toronto's local indie music scene.

Small Town Toronto

Cliff Robertson


Bruce and I met through my wife and have become good friends. I have always prided myself on being able to fix just about anything I put my mind to, so I often get called upon to fix things. I am also a self proclaimed geek and power tool addict. I figure god gave me two hands for a reason. One for the cordless drill and the other for the nail gun.

Sometimes I also like to practice my rusty old survival and woodsman skills which I learned as a young man while I was a member of an outdoorsmans club. Even though i generally don't watch much television, I do have a great respect for Les Stroud who "did it right" when he developed Survivorman for OLN Canada. Of course I don't have anywhere near the budget that Les has so I had to economize a bit.

Check out my company's web site Clarify Technical Services. Relax, he can fix it!